Aaron Wiegman

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Del Mar, CA

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"Financial planning decisions are unique for each client situation and I enjoy working with clients to help them solve the ever-changing puzzle.”


 Aaron focuses on having a deep understanding of a client's values and goals to create a comprehensive game plan aligned with their priorities. He aims to be approachable and authentic, fostering open communication. He wants to simplify complex concepts to ensure his clients grasp their financial situation. Through education and guidance, he empowers clients to make informed decisions for their financial future.


Aaron assists clients with their complex financial lives. From savings and investments to corporate benefits and estate planning, he ensures their financial choices align with their objectives. Guiding them to effectively cultivate, safeguard, and transfer their wealth.

Client Range

Aaron specializes in providing tailored assistance to retired or soon-to-be retired clients, with a primary focus on professionals and small business owners. Many of these individuals fall into the categories of DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) or HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet), and possess equity compensation or stakes in their businesses. Aaron's approachable practice accommodates clients at any stage of their financial journey, managing assets typically ranging from $1M to $3M.

How did you become a financial advisor?

During my college years, I developed a keen interest in finance. It all started when I pursued an investment-related internship, which was made possible through an introduction by my college basketball coach, to a local referee that was a stockbroker by day. This internship, which began in my junior year, became a significant part of my journey as I learned the basics of the investment world through the lens of the operations and trading department within the brokerage. 

Once I moved to San Diego, I began my career working with clients as a financial advisor and helping them make smart choices with their money. Both of my parents and two of my siblings are teachers, and while I didn’t necessarily go that route, I like to take an educational approach with my clients, ensuring that my clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate their financial endeavors

Is there a unique approach that sets you apart? 

I assist clients in prioritizing key elements of their financial plan, including managing cash flow, optimizing savings, tracking expenses, maximizing earnings, ensuring tax efficiency, diversifying tax strategies, allocating portfolios, and implementing risk management strategies.

Once I thoroughly understand the unique values and goals that are important to my clients, we can start crafting a comprehensive game plan that will align our planning efforts with their priorities. I like to be approachable and authentic, fostering open communication with my clients. I strive to explain complex financial concepts in a clear and understandable manner to ensure they have a solid grasp of their financial situation.

Is there a unique approach you take With Clients?

Many clients seek my assistance when their financial lives become increasingly complex, and they realize they need guidance. They are faced with numerous financial decisions - saving, investing, company benefits, insurance, retirement plans, taxes, estate planning, and more - and often feel unsure if these choices align with their overall goals of growing, protecting, and transferring their wealth. I help clients take a look at the big picture to help them align what matters to them with their financial decisions to help them achieve their goals.


Everyone comes from a different background, relationship with money, upbringing, values, goals, etc. I enjoy learning about their financial journey and being that trusted advisor to help them get to where they want to be. Financial planning decisions are unique for each client situation and I enjoy working with clients to help them solve the ever-changing puzzle.

What types of strategies do you usually help clients with?

I enjoy developing comprehensive financial plans for each client, tailoring strategies based on their unique priorities and goals. I believe in creating a holistic investment management approach, assisting clients with various aspects of their employee equity compensation, business succession planning, retirement plan decisions, tax-efficient savings and distribution strategies, insurance planning (life, disability, LTC), charitable giving, and estate planning. It’s never a one-size-fits-all all with my clients, everyone has different financial needs and we build a plan that we will be constantly updating and adjusting to reflect the goals and strategies that keep up with a client's ever-changing life

Working with Savvy

I was looking for the right partner to work with that would have the tools and resources that would A) be the most helpful to the clients that I serve in helping them achieve their financial goals and B) support my efforts in growing a practice that allows me to be my authentic self.  Savvy gives me the opportunity to focus on my client relationships and help them achieve their financial goals and not spend my time and energy on systems, technology, and operations.

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