Take control of your financial future

Get dedicated expertise to help you build a completely customized financial plan.

Our Services

Investment Management

Strategic, data-driven investing that seeks ambitious results.

We combine cutting-edge technology  of Savvy Wealth Inc with human expertise of Savvy Advisors to craft tailored investment portfolios designed to help you navigate the complex financial landscape.

Tax Optimization

Minimize your tax burden to help you optimize your wealth.

Strategic tax planning to help you navigate the short and long term.

Direct Indexing

Boost Potential After-Tax Returns With a Personalized Index Portfolio & Automatic Tax-Loss Harvesting. Learn more...

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive retirement planning to help ensure you maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so diligently for.

Trust Strategies

Safeguard your legacy with guidance on preserving and passing on your wealth. Make sense of the complex world of CRTs, GRATs, SLATs, and more. Learn more...

Risk Management

Identify and address potential risks to help protect your assets in an ever-changing market landscape.

Business Succession Planning

Build a comprehensive strategy to enable a smooth transition with the continued success of your business in mind.

Education Planning

Personalized, tax efficient funding strategies to  help empower the next generation.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Take control of your financial future.

Get dedicated expertise to help you build a completely customized financial plan.

Alternative Investments

Access private equity, angel investments, VC funds, and other opportunities.

Unlock your full financial potential

Our professional team of advisors is committed to providing a comprehensive and innovative range of services, with the ultimate goal of unlocking your financial potential.

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What is Savvy Wealth?

Savvy Wealth is a technology company that has developed a digital-first platform for financial advisors centered around modernizing human financial advice. Savvy Wealth is the parent company of Savvy Advisors inc. (“Savvy”) a registered investment advisor. Financial advisors who partner with Savvy, leverage Savvy Wealth’s purpose-built, technology-powered, integrated technology platform to help supercharge organic growth with cutting-edge software and marketing automation. Savvy Wealth's proprietary technology leverages automation to help empower Savvy advisors to increase efficiency, scale revenue faster and spend more time focused on their clients. Follow Savvy on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest company news and updates.

What is the benefit of technology-enabled wealth management?

Technology-first wealth management, like that offered at Savvy, streamlines financial advisory practice operations. It simplifies CRM, back-office tasks, client services, and marketing workflows. Additionally, automation enables rapid onboarding of new accounts, fast generation of client financial strategy recommendations, and efficient delivery of financial planning services.

How does Savvy streamline financial advisory practice operations?

Savvy streamlines operations by offering a comprehensive, technology-powered platform that handles tasks like CRM, back-office work, client services, and performance reporting. This allows advisors to focus on revenue-generating tasks and spend more quality time with their clients.

What tools and services does Savvy offer for lead generation and marketing?

Savvy provides a lead generation and marketing system to help advisors grow their client base. This includes personalized, multi-channel campaigns that can be delivered at scale, alongside professional marketing support.

How is Savvy reshaping the wealth management industry?

Savvy’s goal is to reshape the wealth management industry by integrating advanced technology with human-centric advisory services. It is striving to set a new standard for wealth management with its vision of a future where services are seamlessly integrated, personalized, and focused on delivering extraordinary client experiences.

How much does it cost to join Savvy as a financial advisor?

Joining Savvy Wealth as a financial advisor does not involve any direct costs. Savvy Wealth is an SEC-registered investment advisor that hires financial advisors as its employees under either a W2 or a 1099 arrangement, based on the most mutually beneficial structure for the advisor and the firm. As a Savvy financial advisor, you gain access to our proprietary technology platform and tools at no additional cost, empowering you to deliver superior financial advice and service to your clients.

How can financial advisors maximize their revenue and earning potential with Savvy?

Savvy offers advisors the opportunity to maximize their revenue and earning potential through competitive compensation structures and revenue participation earn-outs. With Savvy, financial advisors have the potential to boost their income significantly.

How much does it cost to hire Savvy as a client?

As a client, the cost of engaging with Savvy depends on the complexity of your financial needs and the types of services you choose. We offer flexible fee structures that cater to a variety of client needs, including one-time or ongoing financial planning & analysis, as well as full investment management services. Fees for investment management services are typically based on the value of assets under management. For further information regarding our fees please refer to Savvy’s Form ADV , Part 2A. Additionally You can view a full view of our range of products and services at www.savvywealth.com/services. If you're interested in becoming a client, simply leave your information at www.savvywealth.com/for-clients, and we'll get in touch with you to discuss the best options for your financial journey.

What financial planning services does Savvy offer to clients?

Savvy offers a wide range of financial planning services including retirement planning, estate planning, tax strategy, alternative investments, direct indexing, net worth tracking, the ability to manage and track held away accounts, and more. All services are personalized and aided by the power of cutting-edge technology to help provide an efficient and seamless client experience.