Easily sell your financial advisor book of business

Whether you're planning for retirement or simply exploring new avenues, Savvy can act as a reliable partner for financial advisors considering selling their practice. Savvy helps make the selling process seamless with fair valuations and smooth transitions for your clients.

How to sell your financial planning business

You've worked hard to build your financial planning practice. Now, let us build you a well-crafted exit strategy that looks to maximize your life's work. Our seasoned team guides you through every step of the process, from valuation to sale, working to get you the value you deserve and a succession plan that makes sense.

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Receive a fair business valuation

We believe in transparent, equitable valuations that reflect the true worth of your financial planning practice. With Savvy, you're not just another number. We engage with independent third parties to offer you a fair valuation with underwriting  that considers not just your current portfolio and AUM,  but the intrinsic value of your client relationships.

Backed by strong financial stability

A solid financial foundation ensures that we're not just acquiring your business; we're making a long-term investment. Unlike many buyers who might stretch their resources thin, Savvy boasts a strong financial backing, working with both M&A professionals and independent third-parties to ensure we become a reliable partner for your practice’s future.

Reliable partnership
Solid financial foundation

Smooth transition for your clients

The most critical aspect? A smooth transition for your clients. Savvy understands the bonds you've built over the years, and we strive to maintain those relationships with the same level of expertise and care that you've provided. Our proprietary digital onboarding for clients takes less than 15 minutes to complete, combining many aspects of the onboarding prospects into a single user experience.

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Are you ready to take the next significant step in your career? At Savvy, we're not just buying your practice; we're investing in a legacy—yours. Contact us today to discover how we can make your transition as beneficial and seamless as possible.