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Saint Petersburg, Florida

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“I am different from other advisors because I believe in creating a bespoke experience for every client, regardless of their investment size - a level of service often associated with high-net-worth individuals.”


Albert is dedicated to simplifying investments with clear, digestible explanations while maintaining depth. Aiming to offer bespoke service to all clients, not just his high-net-worth clients. He leverages technology for better asset management access, empowering clients to stay informed.


Albert is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor, CPWA® providing meticulous investment solutions in today's markets. He specializes in investment management, equity analysis, and financial planning. His strategies are tailored to each clients' unique goals, aiming to strike a balance between opportunities and objectives.

Client Range

Albert works with a wide variety of clients. From business owners, to managers and executives of major corporations

How did you become a financial advisor?

From a young age, I had a clear passion for Finance. Growing up amidst the bustling corridors of JPMorgan Chase, where my mother dedicated her career, I was introduced to the world of investment management. My journey began with Personal Finance and Spreadsheet courses at Columbia High School in NJ. This interest only deepened during my business school years at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I complimented my financial acumen with a solid foundation in technology, honed through my work at the university's Technology Department. This diverse skill set opened doors for me, leading to my first role at The Bank of New York Clearing, now known as Pershing LLC.

Life led me down an interesting path, back to my birth country, Venezuela. There, I ventured into the investment management sector, initially at Corp Banca’s Private Banking unit and CitiGold Private Client, before advancing to more complex roles at StateTrust Wealth Management and BRS. These experiences were invaluable as I was guided and mentored by seasoned executives in the industry.

As I evolved within these roles, I discovered the potential to embrace entrepreneurship within this dynamic industry. Extensive research and insightful discussions with a professor at the New York Institute of Finance illuminated the path that led to me building Marketwise Asset Management, established in Florida towards the close of 2012.  With a steadfast commitment to growth, consistency, and unwavering dedication to my clients, I've demonstrated that independence is achievable in even the most intricate of business landscapes. I pursued further growth in 2022, earning credentials as a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® professional. This helped me advance my expertise in equity analysis, portfolio management, and financial planning tailored for individuals and families. Ultimately, this journey has not only fulfilled me professionally but also enriched me personally.

What types of strategies do you usually help clients with?  

My main strategy is to produce a goals-based financial plan for every client. That financial plan sets the framework for how I work with a client. Within that financial plan, we will set an asset allocation that is aligned with their time horizon, financial goals, and risk tolerance. 

For younger clients, I encourage an aggressive investment strategy to maximize their tax savings and focus on long term growth. For my business owner clients, I make sure to do pre-sale planning for the eventual sale of the business and trust planning to maximize their estate tax savings if their eventual wealth merits that strategy. For retirees, I develop an income-based approach to provide salary replacement. Some of my clients have restricted stock. For those clients, I speak about concentration risk, and the importance of reducing their positions over time. I can also write call options, use collar strategies or introduce exchange funds for highly concentrated positions or positions with very large capital gains.

What types of clients do you work with?

A wide variety of clients. From business owners to managers and executives of major corporations.

Is there a unique approach that sets you apart?  

I am dedicated to simplifying the investment process by providing clear explanations in easily digestible terms, all while maintaining depth. I am different from other advisors because I believe in creating bespoke experiences for every client, regardless of their investment size - a level of service often associated with high-net-worth individuals. In a world filled with intricate connections, I leverage technology to enhance access to asset management, empowering investors to effectively manage their portfolios.

As a Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®), I hold an advanced credential designed for wealth managers serving high-net-worth clients. The focus is on the wealth life cycle: from accumulation and preservation to protection and distribution. I acquired additional skills to recognize and assess the challenges of high-net-worth clients. I can help develop strategies to reduce taxes, safeguard assets, and facilitate wealth transfer.

What areas of expertise do you have?

In the ever-evolving markets of today, I am dedicated to providing meticulous and forward-thinking investment management solutions. My career focus lies in investment management, equity analysis, and financial planning, aimed at aiding clients in tax planning, executive compensation and portfolio management. Each client strategy is rigorously tailored, considering factors such as tax implications, liquidity, and risk tolerance. I devote personal attention to every portfolio, recognizing that each client possesses unique investment goals, aiming to align opportunities with objectives.

Working with Savvy

I love how dynamic the team is within operations and advisor support. The technology platform is outstanding for both clients and advisors. But most importantly, I encounter amazing human beings throughout the organization!

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What is your favorite part about working with clients? 

Building a personal, human connection and becoming a reliable support beyond a business relationship.

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