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Dan Brady

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Rye, New York

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"As a financial advisor, I prioritize building strong, trusting relationships through empathy, open dialogue, and a deep connection."


Overcoming personal challenges has shaped Dan’s unique client approach as a financial advisor. He empathizes, educates, and builds intimate connections with his clients, fostering trust and open dialogue. As a father and husband, he understands the financial realities his clients face, creating a strong bond.


With over 25 years of experience in institutional trading and investing, Dan is an expert in investment allocation. He excels in addressing the emotional aspect of financial planning, particularly in assisting divorced clients. My compassionate approach and guidance help clients navigate the emotional components of their financial journeys.

Client Range

Dan’s clientele consists of high earners and high-net-worth individuals, such as executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Dan also specializes in serving retired civil servants and individuals going through a divorce.

What are your areas of expertise?

With a background in institutional trading and investing and over 25 years of experience, I am an expert in investment allocation. Beyond technical expertise, I excel in addressing the emotional aspect of financial planning. My compassionate approach, particularly evident in assisting divorcees, underscores my commitment to guiding clients through the emotional components of their financial journeys.

On the flip side, my expertise lies in the emotional aspect. I've discovered that this is a business with two complementary dimensions. I'm there to guide my clients to whatever their goals may be like retirement, but I found that the emotional component of the business is just as important. Recently, I’ve started building a niche practice working with divorcees. Many of my female divorced clients, who may have never before taken charge of their finances, experience a mixture of fear, worry, and sometimes even trauma. It is during these moments that I have found my support to be invaluable. I reassure them that everything will be alright, offering the reassurance of having an experienced professional by their side, equipped to help them navigate towards a life they may not have even considered possible after divorce.

What is your typical client profile?

I work with clients ranging from a net worth of $2 million to the high tens of millions, covering individuals aged 30 to 65. I manage a varied AUM profile, ensuring tailored solutions for each client. My emphasis is on inclusivity, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, and demonstrating a commitment to meeting clients at their unique financial positions.

Is there a unique approach you take With Clients?

My journey, marked by overcoming financial challenges after my parents' divorce and my mother's subsequent illness, forms the foundation of my unique client approach. My ability to empathize, educate, and connect intimately with clients sets me apart. My commitment to ensuring an open dialogue, regardless of the client's financial standing, fosters a strong, trusting relationship.

I think because of where I am in life, as a father and husband with four children, a mortgage, life insurance, and a will, I'm understanding of almost everybody's situation because I'm living it. I'm living it as well as my clients are living it and I think that connection is super important.I think there's a certain amount of intimacy that comes with being a financial advisor. I don't want any of my clients to be afraid to ask me a question or to tell me something that needs to be shared. That intimate connection is so important to make this a successful relationship between me and my client. And I think I am very good at crossing that bridge because I've been through all of it.

And that goes for a client that has $500,000 or $200,000 with me, all the way up to a client that has five or ten or north of $5 million with me. Everybody has the same fears. Everyone has the same worries, and everyone has the same goals. They all want to live a life that they are comfortable with.


Savvy has been a wonderful experience. It's everything and more than I could have expected when coming over, especially the powerhouse tech part of the firm where we built platforms internally with the advisor's guidance. It's a team effort. So the tech team doesn't just build something because they thought it would be good, they built something excellent while working with the advisor hand in hand.

The support that we get operationally is the best I've ever had in the business. The leadership has been wonderful. The closeness of the group has been more than anything I could have expected. As I've said, Savvy is a place where everyone's pulling their oars in the same direction. We all have the same goals. There are no closed doors at Savvy. If there's a question or a concern, you know where to get the answer. It has been just a wonderful, wonderful experience so far. I couldn't be happier.

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