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Bellingham, Washington

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"My approach revolves around a comprehensive understanding of clients' tax situations and estate plans. I encourage collaboration with their CPAs and estate planning attorneys to align our strategies seamlessly.”


Daniel believes in a personalized and collaborative approach to financial planning, tailoring strategies to each client's unique goals and circumstances.


With a background in finance and information systems, Daniel's expertise lies in retirement planning, savings and contribution strategies, tax-efficient income planning, and comprehensive financial planning.

Client Range

Daniel specializes in assisting individuals in the community, particularly those approaching retirement or already in retirement. His services cater to clients seeking personalized financial strategies aligned with their long-term goals.

How did you become a financial advisor?

I grew up in the Chicago area and developed a keen interest in the stock market. After earning a bachelor's degree in business administration with concentrations in finance and information systems from Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business in New York City, I began my career at a financial technology company called Eze Software Group. I started in client service, eventually moving up to consulting and implementation, where I directly interacted with traders, portfolio managers, and operations personnel at institutional trade desks. While at  Eze., I met my wife Jess, and we decided to move to Bellingham, Washington, closer to her family. This prompted my shift to Merrill as a financial advisor, where I gained valuable experience before managing a local independent advisory office in Bellingham. In 2022, I joined Savvy Advisors with the goal of leveraging their tech-enabled wealth management platform to serve my clients better.

What is your typical client profile?

I specialize in helping individuals in the community achieve their retirement goals. For those approaching retirement, I focus on implementing savings and contribution strategies, while for those already in retirement, I emphasize sustainable and tax-efficient income strategies. Collaborating with clients' tax professionals is crucial to ensure sound investment advice aligned with their tax situation.

Is there a unique approach you take With Clients?

As an independent advisor working with Savvy, I can fold targeted investments into my portfolios that are not offered to many other platforms. For example, the majority of my clients have direct investment into renewable energy infrastructure investments in the U.S. as an alternative to publicly traded investments but as a part of a comprehensive portfolio (these investments come with specific requirements and due diligence and may not be appropriate for every client). 
I also leverage Savvy’s analytics to provide clients with greater insight into their investments. This allows us to identify correlations, risk profiles, and other insights that allow for a more holistic view of the portfolio, which helps inform better decisions. My approach is rooted in understanding my client's goals and providing them with forward-looking advice that reflects their individual needs.

How do you advise clients on tax and estate planning??

My approach revolves around a comprehensive understanding of clients' tax situations and estate plans. I encourage collaboration with their CPAs and estate planning attorneys to align our strategies seamlessly. This ensures that the three key professionals – financial advisor, tax professional, and estate planning attorney – work together harmoniously to help to achieve clients' long-term financial goals.

For clients in retirement, having a tax-efficient portfolio income strategy is crucial. We assess living expenses, federal and state tax brackets, and strategically draw from sources to minimize taxable income. The goal is to increase wealth with the least taxable income, enhancing the sustainability of their financial plan.

What types of strategies do you usually help clients with? 

It’s typical that when I first start working with a family or individual, they don’t have a clear financial plan. In most cases, new clients have various investment accounts spread out across multiple custodians, they also may be unsure when they can retire and how much income they’ll need in retirement, and they typically aren’t making the most tax-efficient moves when it comes to their contribution and investment strategy. I then work with them to consolidate assets to simplify their financial life, refine their financial goals, and implement a tax-efficient investment strategy designed with their specific goals and personality in mind. From there, I meet with them regularly to make sure they’re staying on track and we’re making the necessary updates to their financial plan as their lives and goals inevitably evolve and change over time. I help my clients navigate a variety of financial challenges, and the plan to overcome or address those challenges is always driven by their specific goals and investment personality, almost every aspect of my practice and process is custom-tailored to each specific client.


Working with Savvy has been fantastic for me and I feel that my clients have benefited as well. The Savvy portal allows clients to track their net worth, goals, and overall financial picture with one easy-to-navigate login. The Savvy dashboard enhances communication and transparency, making my practice more efficient, therefore allowing me to spend more time working with and serving my clients. The internal resources, particularly the operations team, have been delivering white-glove service and helping to ensure a seamless experience for my clients.

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