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West Orange, New Jersey

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“I specialize in helping clients achieve their financial goals with their investment properties, whether it be wealth planning around an investment property portfolio they continue to manage on their own or facilitating transactions into passive real estate solutions.”


David finds satisfaction from his fiduciary responsibilities and the opportunity to educate and empower his clients in managing their wealth and financial destinies.


David specializes in financial planning, tax optimization, and estate planning. His personal and professional background, complemented by wealth advisory expertise, equips him to offer meticulous, effective, and tailored guidance to real estate investors, business owners, and individuals or families at any life stage.

Client Range

David primarily concentrates on providing wealth advisory services to real estate investors and individuals managing investment properties. He collaborates closely with a diverse clientele, delivering financial planning assistance and enabling personalized passive investment solutions that address the unique requirements of real estate investors.

How did you become a financial advisor?

After witnessing the financial crisis, I felt compelled to become a financial advisor. At the time, being part of the financial industry, I understood the situation and why it happened. However, those around me were grappling with uncertainty and unknowns. I helped guide my friends and family through the events providing clarity around why it happened and reassurance that we will be okay. Assisting my loved ones during this challenging time led me to realize that this could be my calling and purpose. I eventually joined Morgan Stanley and I transitioned into a role as a financial advisor and planner. In this role, I delved into acquiring the diverse skills and tools necessary to assist clients in managing their current financial situations effectively while also preparing meticulously for their future financial well-being. For more than 12 years, I've thrived in my role as an advisor, cherishing every moment of the journey.

What is your typical client profile?

For the past 5 years, my primary focus has been assisting real estate investors and individuals owning or managing investment properties as part of my wealth advisory services. I work closely with a diverse range of clients, offering financial planning services and facilitating various passive investment solutions tailored to the best interests of real estate investors. I specialize in helping clients achieve their financial goals with their investment properties, whether it be wealth planning around an investment property portfolio they continue to manage on their own or facilitating transactions into passive real estate solutions.  

Is there a unique approach you take With Clients?

I have focused on real estate, estate planning, and tax mitigation the last five years, but I have over 20 years of experience in financial planning.

I love working with clients in developing various protection, tax optimization, and/or exit strategies for businesses and real estate investments. For example, I work with clients when they are ready to sell a business or property. I work closely with business owners to devise exit strategies that maximize property value. In the realm of real estate, integrating estate planning and tax strategies is crucial. Consider a scenario where a business owner who owned property for their business operations decided to sell the business and divest the property simultaneously. They aimed to avoid the responsibilities of a landlord. In navigating a scenario like this one, I would devise an exit plan that not only encompassed the business but also specifically addressed the real estate aspect. Through a strategic approach, I would try to significantly enhance the retained value post-sale, with tax implications minimized through deferral of the real estate gains. Moreover, the estate planning facet would allow for a smoother transfer of assets to the client's beneficiaries, relieving them of the burden of real estate management.

What types of strategies do you usually help clients with?

While I help clients with an array of different financial challenges, I have advised many clients on transactional strategies. An example of this is when a client has built their wealth entirely out of real estate. As they look to retire, they may not want to pay long-term capital gains on selling their properties, but wish to rid themselves of responsibilities they incurred during their active real estate careers. I work with clients to facilitate a tax deferral transaction, called a Section 1031 or a  Like Kind Exchange, where clients sell their properties, and then reinvest all proceeds into passive real estate investments called Delaware Statutory Trusts that are designed to accept such tax deferred transactions. By becoming a passive investor in this structure, there were no more capital calls, it can give someone complete indemnification of all liability, but they can be stood as direct owners of investment real estate where the tax advantages still benefit them throughout.  

I also help clients by using a financial planning model called the Wealth “RETENTION” Process. RETENTION stands for real estate, estate planning, tax strategies, education, nontraditional approach, traditional world-class service, insurance risk management, opportunistic investing, and non-insurable protection strategies. While I tailor the Wealth Retention Process to you, not all of these items apply to everyone but we focus on protecting your level of wealth that you have worked so hard to achieve either through straight forward or creative tax mitigation, protection strategies, and estate planning.   

Securities offered through DAI Securities, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Savvy.  Savvy is not affiliated with DAI Securities, LLC.

How do you help real estate investors?   

Specifically for real estate investors, I cover a five-pillar wealth planning model consisting of 1) Leverage and Liquidity, 2) Risk Management (Insurable and Non-insurable), 3) Exit, Succession, and Estate Planning, 4) Tax Optimization, and 5) Investment Analysis. 

 Real estate professionals often possess expertise in specific areas of the five key pillars. I, however, have guided clients to explore and secure unconventional lending and leverage tactics, highlighted significant opportunities to shield them from risks using insurance and legal strategies, crafted exit plans for property sales, introduced tax-saving methods, and aided in evaluating properties pre-purchase, preventing potential disastrous investments or uncovering hidden opportunities.


Savvy has wholeheartedly embraced my preferred approach to wealth services and has shown both the capacity and enthusiasm to offer abundant resources, support, and opportunities to develop my practice and serve my clients with top-notch service. Specifically, Savvy's technological advancements, marketing assets, and exceptionally skilled team form the essential foundation required for my Investment Advisory services to excel.

Savvy Advisors, Inc. (“Savvy Advisors”) is an investment adviser registered with the SEC and is not a registered broker/dealer, therefore, Mr. Gottlieb’s FINRA Series licensing is registered with an unaffiliated broker/dealer and not maintained or held by Savvy Advisors.  Furthermore, Mr. Gottlieb is not a realtor and does not hold a real estate license. Clients and prospects should consider consulting a licensed real estate agent, tax professional and/or accountant prior to implementing recommendations to buy or sell real property.

What is your favorite part you have about working with clients?   

I find great joy in witnessing individuals work hard and persevere to achieve their goals, whether it's reaching a financial milestone or accomplishing a personal ambition. There's something truly special about seeing the satisfaction and pleasant surprise on their faces when they effectively manage their taxes and realize the positive impact it has on their overall financial well-being. It's a rewarding experience that reminds me of the importance of financial literacy and the power of proactive financial management.

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