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New York City, NY

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“My main strategy is to produce a goals-based financial plan for every client. That financial plan sets the framework for how I work with each person.”


Louis focuses on creating comprehensive written financial plans for every client, covering all aspects of their financial well-being, and ensuring sufficient liquidity for continued investment during market volatility. He also believes in partnering with attorneys and accountants to help ensure that estate plans are current and accurate.


Louis is a Chartered Financial Analyst® and Certified Financial Planner™, who specializes in planning for major life events like retirement, inheritance, or business sales. He also assists executives with stock options & planning. He offers expertise across a range of services, spanning from investment strategies to intricate planning techniques such as Charitable Trusts and Estate Tax Planning.

Client Range

 Louis helps retirees, business owners, executives, and tech leaders in NYC, NJ, and nationwide. Based in New York City, he serves clients across the country.

How did you become a financial advisor?

I was first inspired to become a financial advisor by my father. He prepared taxes for friends and family, but he did it in a way that made people feel welcome and supported as he walked them through their taxes. We would often talk about finance and eventually, I started following Warren Buffet. Warren's approach to investments and life was fascinating to me, which led to pursuing my MBA in Finance. After graduate school, I took a job at Bankers Trust and I worked my way up from the back office to a role as an assistant on a large team to eventually a role as a Portfolio Manager in their Private Bank. Along the way, I became certified as both a Chartered Financial Analyst® and Certified Financial Planner™. After a major reorganization, I was named as a Portfolio Manager at the Private Bank. I eventually moved on to my next roles at PNC Bank, UBS Financial Services and recently I joined Savvy Wealth.

What types of strategies do you usually help clients with?  

My main strategy is to produce a goals-based financial plan for every client. That financial plan sets the framework for how I work with a client. Within that financial plan, we will set an asset allocation that is aligned with their time horizon, financial goals, and risk tolerance. 

For younger clients, I encourage an aggressive investment strategy to maximize their tax savings and focus on long term growth. For my business owner clients, I make sure to do pre-sale planning for the eventual sale of the business and trust planning to maximize their estate tax savings if their eventual wealth merits that strategy. For retirees, I develop an income-based approach to provide salary replacement. Some of my clients have restricted stock. For those clients, I speak about concentration risk, and the importance of reducing their positions over time. I can also write call options, use collar strategies or introduce exchange funds for highly concentrated positions or positions with very large capital gains.

What types of clients do you work with?

I assist retirees, business owners, executives, and technology leaders in New York City and New Jersey, but my clientele extends nationwide. Although I am based in Manhattan, my clients are spread across the country. I started working with many of my clients because they have experienced a major life event such as a retirement, inheritance or a business sale which has prompted them to reach out to me to help plan for the future. Others are executives or employees of publicly traded companies who have stock options or restricted stock which they need to plan for.

Is there a unique approach that sets you apart?  

My goals-based approach as well as my approach to creating an asset allocation that keeps my clients invested sets me apart from most. With expertise as a Chartered Financial Analyst® and Certified Financial Planner™, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to benefit my clients. This experience allows me to provide a wide array of services to my clients, spanning from intricate investment strategies involving hedge funds, private equity, and private credit. Additionally, my planning expertise enables me to offer sophisticated planning techniques like Charitable Trust planning, Estate Tax Planning, and pre-sale business planning to my valued clients.

What areas of expertise do you have?

Leveraging my expertise as a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Analyst®, I offer a combination of deep financial planning & investments. I start with a goals-based approach to assist my clients in pursuing their financial futures. Each client receives a comprehensive written financial plan covering all aspects of their financial well-being, aimed at ensuring sufficient liquidity for continued investment during market volatility. My clients can invest in a variety of options, such as traditional equities, structured products, t, alternative investments, and individual fixed income. I work closely with clients to ensure their estate plans are current. I collaborate with their attorneys and accountants, or suggest experts from my network. This partnership allows us to update their estate plans effectively, aligning with their legal and tax experts.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Center for Financial Planning, Inc. owns and licenses the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and CFP® (with plaque design) in the United States to Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., which authorizes individuals who successfully complete the organization’s initial and ongoing certification requirements to use the certification marks

Working with Savvy

Savvy’s proprietary technology and team approach allow me to spend time on what I enjoy most: helping my existing clients pursue their goals and meet new potential clients. Savvy has enabled me to get my clients access to sophisticated financial planning and investment capabilities through their relationships with trusted custodians such as Fidelity, and investment platforms such as iCapital. My clients will have access to anything they possibly need in the investment space. My team members, Hillary Peterson, Alex Walejewsky, Alice Yu & Michael McCarthy are extremely hardworking and knowledgeable. They do most of the heavy lifting regarding client transitions. I also love the fact that Savvy is focused on expansion. Everyone is hard working. Finally, I live in New York City, so I get to work out of their offices in Manhattan.

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What is your favorite part about working with clients? 

My favorite part is getting to know them on a personal level and helping them and their families pursue their unique financial goals. I consider my clients to be friends. They all have a fantastic personal story to share and some have built incredible businesses or careers. Listening to their stories is fascinating because they help me in my own business as I am inspired by what they have accomplished.

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