Scott Eichler

Hi there 👋🏼 I'm Scott, I am committed to simplifying wealth planning by overseeing investment analysis and legal coordination for my clients. My goal is to help clients create effective portfolios, minimize expenses, optimize tax strategies, and attain financial freedom.

I specialize in assisting clients with strategic allocation of lawsuit resources for plaintiffs and attorneys. There are significant tax advantages to leverage after receiving awards. While fixed annuities are valuable, alternative options may better suit the requirements of both attorneys and plaintiffs.

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Orange County, CA

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My Collaboration Itinerary

Step 1

Gather information

Through discussions and documentation, we analyze the landscape of your finances to understand your goals, challenges, and current resources.

Step 2

Build your financial topography map

We assess and measure your assets, tools, and frameworks, pinpoint your current position in alignment with your objectives, and outline the necessary actions to help you securely reach your destination.

Step 3

Begin your journey

Embarking on this journey together involves continually refining your investment allocations and corporate structures, surmounting unique obstacles to enhance your net worth.

Step 4

Track your Progress

We support you through proactive quarterly reviews and meetings as needed, always by your side.

How can I help?

Structured Planning

We excel in strategizing the allocation of lawsuit resources for plaintiffs and attorneys. There are significant tax advantages to leverage upon receiving awards. While fixed annuities are valuable, alternative options may better suit both attorneys and plaintiffs.

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Small Business Tax

Navigating the complex landscape of small business taxes can be daunting. We're here to act as your small business tax advisor, specialized in building comprehensive small business tax planning strategies. We work to minimize your tax exposure and provide tailored advice for your specific business model.
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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

We help clients adopt investment strategies that align their investment choices with their socially responsible values. We enable you to prioritize investments in companies that have shown a commitment to enhancing their performance in these three key areas.

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Retirement Planning

Transition into your golden years with confidence. Our goal is to see to it that you’re 100% prepared for the unpredictable. Let us turn your retirement dreams into actionable plans.
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Let’s achieve
greatness together

My passion is helping people achieve their financial goals. I believe that everyone has the potential to meet their financial needs, no matter their background or starting point.

My team and I are committed to providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

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Monthly recaps on financial markets. Stay in the loop with Scott.

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Get to know Scott

Scott Eichler is a well-known author and financial advisor in Orange County, Southern California. His educational workshops have been widely attended by thousands of business owners, retirees, and pre-retirees throughout LA, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Scott has developed a specialty in helping attorneys and their clients realize their dream of financial independence through formula-based investment planning. His step-by-step framework helps firm owners, plaintiffs, and retirees better maximize the value of their assets. Using this process, Scott has been able to help his clients create dramatically more efficient portfolios, save more money, minimize taxes, and allow them to live the kind of financially independent lives they dream about.

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