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Northern Kentucky

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 “I like to leave no stone uncovered and look at the full financial picture of my clients to help them make the best financial decisions for themselves.”


Built his practice on transparency, cost-efficiency, and client-centered portfolio management. Focuses on making financial advice accessible to all, regardless of investment size, and bridging the gap for those seeking financial security. Emphasizes client understanding, clear communication, and collaborative relationships to ensure clients feel confident in their financial journey.


Brent offers comprehensive financial guidance to clients, encompassing budgeting, debt management, saving, investing, tax-saving strategies, and estate planning. With a keen focus on the complete financial picture, he ensures clients are empowered with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions. He helps educate medical professionals on effectively managing their finances. This fulfilling project is geared to aid professionals in navigating debt, and savings, and achieving their financial goals.

Client Range

Brent works with a diverse range of clients, including business owners and medical professionals at various career stages, from debt management for recent graduates to succession and legacy planning for multimillion-dollar business sales.

Do you have a specific area of expertise?

I work with clients across most of their financial picture from budgeting and debt management through saving, investing, and tax-saving strategies, as well as estate planning strategies. So a little bit of everything from a financial planning background. I like to make sure I leave no stone uncovered when looking at the full financial picture for clients. This helps to make sure my clients make the best financial decisions for themselves.

I've always wanted to help educate medical professionals about how they can manage their finances. With a focus on behavioral and financial planning, I aim to guide them in paying off their substantial student debt while simultaneously building savings to achieve their desired goals. It has been an immensely fulfilling experience to share this valuable experience.

What clients do you typically work with?

I work with a diverse range of clients, including business owners and medical professionals at various career stages, from debt management for recent graduates to succession and legacy planning for multimillion-dollar business sales.

Is there something unique about working with medical professionals in terms of wealth planning?

Many medical professionals face the challenge of rebuilding their assets within a shorter time-frame after dedicating 10 to 15 years to building their careers. It's a fun challenge. I have a lot of family members in the medical field so it has made me passionate about helping medical professionals achieve their financial goals. Working with clients in this field has been incredibly rewarding. Drawing upon my personal experience with family members in similar situations, I can provide valuable expertise to help guide my clients toward financial freedom.

Is there a typical AUM profile you work with?

There's not a typical AUM. It spans the spectrum, especially for medical professionals as they're just entering their professional careers. They may have a negative net worth through business owners who are selling for multi-million dollars. I'm a financial planner by background, and so I like to work with clients across a broad spectrum of investable assets.

How do you work with the client to keep their financial values in mind?

In a typical two-spouse couple scenario, I guide each individual through an exercise where they select their top three to five financial values from a pool of 40 or 50 options. Once they've made their selections, we bring the couple together, often discovering that they are more aligned than anticipated, even if they previously had disagreements or concerns about finances. As a couple, I then work with them to identify five core financial priorities based on these shared values, which in turn guide their long-term financial decision-making process.

Personal priorities can evolve. Whether it's starting a family or running a business, it's important to periodically reassess these priorities and I am here to help. These values serve as a solid foundation for meaningful conversations. For instance, one might aspire to travel more. How can we align our financial situation to make that possible? Should we explore additional income opportunities? These considerations guide decision-making and help individuals stay connected to their core values.

What common challenges do you help clients navigate?

My practice places a strong emphasis on client education. I'm passionate about ensuring that clients have a deep understanding of their investments: what they hold, the reasons behind their choices, and the potential benefits and risks involved. This approach fosters a sense of mutual understanding, ensuring that both the client and I are on the same page. In the event of unforeseen developments, such as the events of 2022, clients are better equipped to comprehend the situation, anticipate future outcomes, and feel at ease in their financial journey.

One common pain point among advisory clients is the lack of effective communication with their previous advisors. This communication gap can lead to a lack of confidence in their investments and a lack of understanding about their portfolios. My objective is to bridge this gap, forging a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with clients. We work together as a team, striving for alignment rather than maintaining an adversarial dynamic, thus ensuring we are always on the same page.

How do you help clients with succession planning?

Recently I worked with clients who sought assistance with business succession planning. This is a great example of how I work with clients. He and a partner had started a company from scratch with limited resources but managed to grow it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. When they came to me, they weren't sure how they would exit, what the tax structure would look like for them, and their post-career plans. I guided them through the process, helping them determine the optimal amount to sell the business for a comfortable retirement. I helped identify the tax strategies that they could implement to be able to make the best saving decisions for them and also be able to set their family up for future generations with that business sale. After going through the full spectrum with them, I was able to help ease the transition from building a business and growing that daily to looking at retirement and what they will be doing after they sell the company.

Working with Savvy

Savvy has been absolutely fantastic. Coming from my experience in wealth management across different banks, I encountered the challenge of slow technology adoption and the lengthy process of implementing changes in investment management. Committees and red tape were the norm. So one of the things that's been great about Savvy is with a smaller team, but a nimble team, we can implement changes quickly. We can seamlessly incorporate new technologies into our stack, catering to my clients' evolving needs. Gone are the days of waiting for years to implement client requests. With Savvy, I can deliver prompt solutions, sometimes within days or even months for more complex projects. So having the tech team behind us is fantastic and the expertise of our advisors to be able to bounce ideas off of. It helps add value to my client relationships.

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