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Working at Savvy is different. Here's how:

Traditional Wirehouse
Owned RIA
Firm Affiliation

Independent (W-2 or 1099)

W-2 only



Industry-leading payouts with equity participation, transition support, and benefits

Lower payouts with complex compensation structures

Variable payouts contingent upon efficiency


Cutting edge, proprietery technology platform that unifies CRM, back-office ops, compliance, and marketing to deliver better client expereinces

Outdated systems that hinder operational efficiency

Basic integrations that rely on non-proprietary systems


Proactive marketing expertise with end-to-end Lead Generation, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Campaign support with Compliance approval built-in.

Restricted support with limitations on social media and digital marketing

Self-funded marketing efforts without the backing of centralized resources or Compliance approvals.

Investment Products

Full autonomy to tailor client portfolios, inclusive of an extensive range of alternative investment options

Incentives to promote proprietary products with commissions, restricting fiduciary commitments and client outcomes

Approval hurdles required for a narrow selection of alternative investments

Office Space

Remote-first culture with access to flexible office space in NYC

Mandatory presence in company-owned offices, emphasizing traditional work environments

Freedom to choose work location with out-of-pocket expenses for office space

Tech Infrastructure

Freedom to select preferred hardware and software, fully supported for seamless remote operations

Fixed in-office technology setup with limited options for personalization

Broad selection available, but associated costs and integration vary without centralized IT support

Service Support

Each advisor is paired with a dedicated client services manager, ensuring personalized support at no extra cost

Basic access to a service center, often requiring additional payment for specialized support

Lacks default support structure, necessitating self-funded staff hires for personalized service

Compliance and Risk

Comprehensive compliance and risk management services provided by the firm, ensuring advisors can focus on their clients

Standard compliance services offered by the firm, with adherence to strict regulations

Compliance oversight provided, but the approach and resources may vary

Custody and Clearing

Multi-custodial platform with Charles Schwab and Fidelity as custodians with clearing services provided

Custody and clearing services according to firm policies

Limited flexibility

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From seamless integrations with industry-leading tools to data driven financial planning and marketing automation, Savvy is your partner in supercharging your practice at scale.

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How much does it cost to join Savvy as a financial advisor?

Joining Savvy Wealth as a financial advisor does not involve any direct costs. Savvy Wealth is an SEC-registered investment advisor that hires financial advisors as its employees under either a W2 or a 1099 arrangement, based on the most mutually beneficial structure for the advisor and the firm. As a Savvy financial advisor, you gain access to our proprietary technology platform and tools at no additional cost, empowering you to deliver superior financial advice and service to your clients.

How does Savvy work with financial advisors?

Savvy partners with financial advisors by bringing them on as valued members of our team. We offer both W2 and 1099 employment models, providing the flexibility to work in a way that best suits your professional goals. As part of Savvy, you will have access to our proprietary, technology-powered platform that helps to enhance your capability to deliver effective advice to your clients and streamlines your CRM, operations, client services, back-office, and marketing processes. All to better allow you to focus on what you do best — advising clients.

How do I grow my financial advisory practice?

Growing your financial advisory practice involves a multi-faceted approach including establishing a strong brand, leveraging modern technology to help run your operations efficiently, and providing top-notch client service. Using a platform provided by Savvy can help fast-track your growth. Savvy provides Savvy advisors with a comprehensive in-house platform, marketing automation, and lead generation capabilities to help financial advisors scale efficiently.

What is the best financial planning software for advisors?

The best financial planning software is one that offers a comprehensive set of tools, is easy to use, and enhances the client experience. Savvy's technology-powered platform is developed to enhance efficiency and customization capabilities. It's designed to work seamlessly with industry-leading financial planning tools, enabling advisors to automate processes and streamline their workflow. By integrating CRM, operations, client services, back-office, and marketing functionalities, it offers a holistic solution to advisors' needs.

How can I simplify my client onboarding process?

Client onboarding is often one of the most painful parts of managing a client relationship due to friction in the onboarding process, slow paperwork traditionally sent through snail mail, among other reasons. Simplifying the client onboarding process involves streamlining procedures and leveraging technology. Savvy's platform is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive interface for both advisors and clients, enabling financial advisors to automate and customize the onboarding process, ultimately making it quicker and more efficient.

How can I market myself as a financial advisor?

Marketing yourself as a financial advisor involves creating a strong brand, building a professional online presence, offering valuable content, and networking effectively. Savvy supports Savvy advisors with automated marketing and lead generation funnel creation, saving them time and helping them grow their client base. With comprehensive campaign management, dedicated marketing support, highly efficient technology tools, and workflow automation, Savvy helps financial advisors stay in front of their clients and prospects.

How can financial advisors generate leads?

Generating leads as a financial advisor involves a strategic mix of networking, referrals, digital marketing, and offering value through content. Savvy offers robust lead generation capabilities through its technology platform. With automation campaign management, it allows Savvy advisors to reach a larger audience helping to convert them into clients. The platform's advanced tools also enable efficient tracking and segmentation of leads, helping advisors to always be on top of their growth strategy.