Maya Marisa Joelson

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New York City, NY

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“My approach blends in-depth market insights with a passion for innovation and diversity. I'm not just your wealth manager; I'm your partner in navigating complex financial landscapes, from Wall Street to emerging markets.”


Believes in developing a customized and strategic approach for each client. She emphasizes understanding global economic shifts and identifying inflection points for investment decisions. She tailors portfolios based on clients' comfort levels, aligning investments with their values and preferences.


Maya has a diverse global background. She has worked as a macroeconomist for Rio Tinto in London and as an equity sales advisor for Renaissance Capital where she focused on emerging markets. Her skill set is varied, having gained experience in investment banking, equity research, and through her engagement with prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT.

Client Range

Lawyers, engineers, or professionals seeking a deeper understanding of their investments. She specializes in managing portfolios for clients with at least a million dollars, enabling her to employ an active strategy with individual positions.

How did you become a financial advisor?

My journey into wealth advising took a unique path, originating from the investment banking sector. Holding an MBA from Kellogg and another master's from Harvard, where I also attended classes at MIT and Harvard Business School, I initially worked as an equity research analyst in New York, covering major corporations like Walmart. 

Transitioning to equity sales in London provided a broader perspective, enabling me to draw on my diverse experiences in technology, working for DARPA pre-business school, and insights into emerging giants like Google and Amazon. This varied background allows me to offer clients a distinct advantage, spanning banking, commodities, retail, and technology, with a keen eye on global shifts.

I am passionate about working with clients who seek a deeper understanding of their investments and making strategic choices beyond the conventional diversified ETFs or mutual funds approach. While many advisors focus on these traditional paths, I believe in providing clients with a more nuanced and informed investment strategy.

My goal is simple: safeguard clients' assets against downturns and maximize growth during upswings. I thrive on managing client portfolios strategically and delivering results that align with their financial objectives.

What types of clients do you work with?

My client base typically includes smart professionals who may not possess an in-depth understanding of investing. I enjoy the process of explaining various economic cycles to clients who value comprehending the intricacies of their investments.

In terms of financial criteria, I generally prefer working with clients who have a minimum of one million dollars to invest. This threshold allows me to implement an active strategy, investing in individual positions to construct a diversified portfolio tailored to their specific needs.

What areas of expertise do you have?

My expertise spans a diverse global background. I've served as a macroeconomist for the global firm Rio Tinto in London, covering major regions such as China, India, Japan, and Europe. This role involved assessing global developments and their impact on both the company and various investments. Before that, I worked at Renaissance Capital, a leading emerging markets bank in London, advising major institutions on investments in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. This extensive international experience uniquely informs my approach, especially considering the significant influence of countries like China on the US.

What types of strategies do you usually help clients with?

My expertise lies in understanding global inflection points and devising strategies that capitalize on emerging trends. A notable example is my approach in January 2020, as the first reports of the coronavirus hit the front pages of the newspapers I was in Davos during the World Economic Forum with CEOs and other world leaders. Recognizing the potential global impact, I swiftly connected the dots and, by the first week of February, advised my clients on new strategies for investments. I need to stay close to the news and understand the global shifts to implement timely strategies which sets me apart in guiding clients toward success.

Is there a unique approach that sets you apart?

My approach distinguishes itself by offering clients a deeper understanding of the world and its economic intricacies. Through talks at esteemed venues like the Harvard Club, I engage with individuals keen on comprehending the historical context and broader economic factors influencing investments. Unlike many advisors who rely on conventional diversification strategies, I emphasize strategic investments tailored to prevailing conditions.

I also challenge misconceptions, like the misleading nature of ESG investments, revealing that they often include tech giants like Apple and Microsoft, which don't align with true ESG principles. Instead of adhering to a standard ESG approach, I collaborate closely with clients to understand their values and preferences. This ensures a customized portfolio that aligns with both their comfort levels and financial goals.  I navigate diverse preferences within my client base, tailoring investments to align with their values while optimizing returns.

Working with Savvy

Working with Savvy has been an excellent experience. What's particularly important for me is the independence and flexibility provided by having the Savvy platform while still working independently on my thought leadership platform Metapoint Advisors. This independence allows me to share insights through Metapoint Advisors, authentically, even when they diverge from institutional interests. Unlike larger banks, Savvy doesn't bind me to promote investments based on institutional interests, enabling me to offer more genuine advice on the best investment opportunities and associated risks.

Having worked with various companies, I've observed that technology in the financial industry can be outdated or cumbersome. Savvy's streamlined and innovative technology serves both me as an advisor and my clients well, making the investment process more efficient and effective.

Savvy does not provide compensation for advisor testimonials; however, testimonials represent a conflict of interest as advisors may indirectly benefit from the testimonial  they have provided.

What is your favorite part you have about working with clients?

My favorite aspect of working with clients is the ability to delve beyond conventional financial advice. In contrast to many financial advisors, I immerse myself in current events and global trends, constantly seeking out global inflection points. I try to have a proactive approach which helps me identify opportunities and make strategic investments.

Having worked for major institutions, I relish the independence that comes with being a financial advisor. Unlike my past roles where I had to promote specific companies, I can now leverage my expertise to explore the entire globe, evaluating diverse sectors and stocks to cherry-pick the most promising opportunities for my clients. This freedom to navigate the vast landscape of financial possibilities is what I find truly rewarding in my role.

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