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How to Choose the Right Investment Management Service

How to Choose the Right Investment Management Service
March 4, 2024

Investment management services help investors professionally manage their investment portfolios to meet financial goals. With the right investment manager, you can grow your wealth efficiently while managing  risk.
But not all investment managers are equal. As a high net worth individual, choosing the wrong service can result in subpar returns, high fees, and poor financial outcomes. So how do you pick the right investment management firm?

Why Investment Management Matters

Investment management refers to the professional handling of a portfolio of securities like stocks, bonds, and other assets14. It encompasses critical services like:

  • Asset allocation
  • Financial analysis
  • Stock selection
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Investment strategy

The goal is to meet the client’s specific investment objectives. Investment managers handle the day-to-day investing activities so the client doesn’t have to.
For high net worth individuals and families, the stakes are especially high. Not only do you likely have more complex investment needs, but there’s more wealth at risk if things go poorly.
Professional investment management reduces the chances of emotional decision-making. It also gives you access to institutional-level products and strategies individual investors normally can’t access12.
In short, investment management helps high net worth investors:

  • Grow wealth efficiently
  • Minimize taxes
  • Manage risk appropriately for their situation
  • Access exclusive opportunities
  • Free up time to focus on other priorities

Choosing an Investment Management Firm: Key Factors

Many considerations go into finding the right investment manager. But several factors rise above the rest for high net worth families:

Customized Services

Every high net worth investor has unique needs and goals. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it.
Look for a firm that offers truly customized services tailored to your situation2. That includes in-depth financial planning, estate planning integration, business consulting, and specialty investment opportunities.
Savvy Advisors excels here. Their human advisors work one-on-one with each client to build fully customized financial plans based on that client’s personal financial aspirations7.

Sophisticated Technology

Technology transforms how effective investment managers can be nowadays. The best leverage tech to enhance the client experience rather than replace the human component completely.
Savvy Wealth, together with Savvy Advisors, combines human financial planners with cutting edge tech tools like automation, analytics, and more. This empowers their advisors to focus on high-value activities like actual financial planning and client service7.

High-Touch Service

Even with great technology, a personal touch still matters when managing substantial wealth.
Look for investment managers that emphasize regular communication and meetings. That includes proactively updating clients on portfolio changes and performance rather than waiting for the client to ask.
Savvy Advisors’’ investment managers maintain open communication channels with clients. That includes providing consistent, timely, and clear reporting on portfolio value and performance21.

Focus on Client Goals

At the end of the day, investment management is a means to an end – helping clients achieve their financial and life ambitions. Investment strategy should tie back clearly to those personal goals.
Savvy Advisors’  investment managers build fully customized plans tailored to each client’s individual objectives, risk tolerance, and timeline. Their goal-based approach keeps the client’s best interest front and center7.

Institutional-Grade Investing

Average investors can’t access the same opportunities as large institutions. But with the right investment manager, high net worth clients can invest like institutions do12.
In particular, look for managers offering alternative investment options beyond just stocks and bonds. That includes hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, and more.
Savvy Advisors provides specialized access to alternative investments as part of their customizable investment management services19. This opens doors for suitable high net worth investors.

Types of Investment Management Firms

Many types of financial firms offer investment management services nowadays. The right option depends on your needs and preferences.

Traditional Investment Advisory Firms

Traditional registered investment advisors (RIAs) still manage a large share of high net worth investment portfolios. RIAs offer advice and manage portfolios, often charging a fee based on assets under management (AUM). Their fiduciary duty encompasses a higher level of trust and responsibility towards their clients, requiring them to put client interests ahead of their own and disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
Traditional RIA firms range from small boutiques to large multifamily offices. Savvy Wealth and Savvy Advisors, together offer the best of both worlds – specialized services backed by institutional-grade technology and tools.


Robo-advisors provide online investment management through algorithms instead of human advisors. They offer basic services like portfolio construction and rebalancing. Fees also tend to be lower.
Robos work well for smaller portfolios or simple investment needs. But they lack sophistication for more complex high net worth situations17. Savvy Wealth and Savvy Advisors combine robo-like efficiency with human financial professionals.


Large broker/dealers have specialized teams for ultra high net worth and institutional clients. But their offerings for “merely” high net worth investors may be more limited.
Broker/dealers may also promote proprietary packaged products (such as mutual funds or variable annuities) rather than recommending investments that are in  the best interest of  each individual client. Savvy Advisors  takes an open architecture approach instead.

Commercial Banks with Advisory Services

Many commercial banks l now offer investment management services alongside traditional banking products. Their scale can be appealing.
However, banks offering advisory services tend to have rigid structures that don’t allow for the same level of personalization as independent registered investment advisors. And their financial professionals  may lack specialized investment expertise.

Family Offices

For the ultra wealthy, multi-family offices provide comprehensive wealth management services like investments, tax planning, and even concierge services. But they typically require $100 million or more in investable assets.
Savvy Advisors offers family office-level services but at account minimums accessible to those with as little as $1 million in liquid assets.

Why Choose Savvy?

Savvy stands out as a top option for high net worth investment management, combining institutional-grade capabilities with a smaller shop level of personalization. More specifically, Savvy offers: 

  • Customized Services and Reporting: Savvy Advisors’  investment managers work one-on-one with clients to create truly customized solutions based on their unique needs and objectives7.
  • Goal-Based Investing: Their investment managers  keep client goals front and center rather than trying to beat arbitrary benchmarks7.
  • Alternative Investments: Clients get access to exclusive alternative investment opportunities like private equity and real estate19.
  • Tax-Optimized Planning: Savvy Advisors  offers strategic tax planning guidance to help maximize wealth19.
  • Leading Technology: Savvy combines human expertise with cutting-edge tools to enhance efficiency and the client experience7.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right investment management partner is critical for high net worth investors. It impacts everything from investment performance  to taxes to estate planning and more. Focus on firms that emphasize customization, sophistication, and client goals over beating generic benchmarks. Savvy in particular stands out with their goal-based approach backed by institutional caliber services and technology.