Maya Marisa Joelson

Hi there 👋🏼 I'm Maya, Principal Wealth Manager and Senior Investment Strategist at Savvy. I’m proud to bring over 20 years of diverse experience from guiding CEOs and tech leaders to advising hedge fund managers and families. I aim to bring these insights to every client investment strategy.

As a Harvard and Northwestern alumna, my approach is informed by both academic rigor and practical wisdom. I'm here to help you navigate the complexities of wealth management with a strategy as unique as your goals. Let's embark on this financial journey together.

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New York City, NY

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“My approach blends in-depth market insights with a passion for innovation and diversity. I'm not just your wealth manager; I'm your partner in navigating complex financial landscapes, from Wall Street to emerging markets.”

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Explore a range of investment choices, including traditional equities, structured products, alternative investments, and individual fixed income.
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Build your own personalized index portfolio based on your unique values with direct ownership of individual stocks. This allows for greater customization and effective tax loss harvesting.
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Global Equity Research

Providing insights and research to clients in global equities, financial markets, and equities to provide diversified investment management to clients
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My passion is helping people achieve their financial goals. I believe that everyone has the potential to meet their financial needs, no matter their background or starting point.

My team and I are committed to providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

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Get to know Maya

Maya Marisa Joelson stands as the esteemed President of Meta Point Advisors and Meta Point Inc. Her academic prowess, with degrees from Harvard and Northwestern's Kellogg School, harmonizes perfectly with her practical experience. For over 20 years, Maya has been the go-to advisor for a diverse clientele including CEOs, technology executives, and hedge fund managers. Her innovative investment strategies have earned her features in prestigious publications like The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

Before focusing on investment advising, Maya had a dynamic career spanning multiple sectors. She started on Wall Street, moved to London to work with Renaissance Capital on emerging markets, and later served as a macroeconomist for Rio Tinto, a global mining giant. In each role, she provided invaluable insights into investment trends, global economies, and commodity markets, solidifying her reputation as a versatile financial expert.

Early in her career, Maya also made strides in the tech world. She led a telecom market launch for MCI (now Verizon) and collaborated on projects for DARPA, the Department of Defense's research arm. This technology stint added another layer to her already multifaceted expertise.

While at Harvard, Maya made an academic splash by authoring a groundbreaking paper for the World Economic Forum on the importance of gender diversity in the corporate world. Her research was presented at Davos and set the foundation for the WEF's highly-regarded Gender Programme. This work has influenced corporations like McKinsey and Credit Suisse to further examine the positive impact of diversity on financial performance.

Maya's career is a tapestry of accomplishments and groundbreaking work, making her a leader not just in finance but also a pioneer in promoting diversity and innovation.

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